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SaleBid is a computer program/software to analyze the results of the sale bid done by using closed envelopes. This software can be run on any platform including any version of Windows, Mac or Linux with the built-in Java Runtime Environment version 5.0.

How to use

1- Please save the file "SaleBid.jar" in a separate folder. You may give any name to this folder like "Sale" or "Company Sales".

It is important to keep the SaleBid.jar program in the separate folder since the program will create new data files for each sale near this main jar file.

2- Click on the "SaleBid.jar" file inside the folder where it is kept. The program will run.

3- If you open it for the first time, you should go to File/New menu and select New. You should give a name for the new sale. Then all the data that you will enter will be stored under this name.

For example, you entered "Sale-Nov2008" as a file name;

You will get the confirmation window showing that the file "Sale-Nov2008-proposals.gye" is created.

Please, click on OK and continue.

Input Data

1 - Please, start with entering the Number of Bidders and Number of Goods on the input boxes and click on OK button. For example, you have 45 bidders who gave proposals and you have a total of 452 goods.

When you press OK button, Bidder's list on the middle of the window and the Goods list on the right side of the window will be formed as shown above.

2- Now, you may start to enter the proposals of each bidder on the goods list on the right side. To enter the proposals of another bidder, please select the bidder name from the bidders list on the middle of the window.

Note: While inputting any data or during using the program, it is not required to save the data. All data will be automatically saved. When it is run for the next time, last saved sale will be opened as a default. To start a new sale, just click on File/New Menu.

If the Bidder no3 has the proposals as follows; for Good#2= $25, for Good#5= $36, for Good#6= $2.36, for Good#7= $21.5, for Good#13= $52

and if the Bidder no6 has the proposals as follows; for Good#2= $25, for Good#5= $12, for Good#6= $10, for Good#7= $5.6

As you may notice it, the Bidder no.3 and no.6 gave same proposal for Good no.2 as $25. The program will warn you for these kind of similarities when you pass to the "Results" tab.

3- Please find below the screen shot of the "Results" tab; (Please note that the screenshots of Results pages are derived when the program run on the Windows Vista platform.)

4- To see the bid results, please select a bidder from the combo box on the top left side of the Results tab view and click on "Show Results" button. If any of the proposals are same, the program will warn you. You may choose one of the bidders as winner. From that point, the program will reduce the unselected winner's proposal by $0.1.

When you select one of the bidders as winner for all same value coincidences, you will continue to see the results.

Bid results for Bidder no.3:

Bid results for Bidder no.6:

5- The proposals given for each good can also be checked by selecting a good from the combo box on the bottom-left of the window.

For example, if "Good 5" is selected and "Show Results" button is pressed, all the proposals for Good no.5 is shown;

The results for any bidder or any good may be checked.

6- The list of bidders who got any good is shown on the top-right corner of the window as Lucky Bidders.

7- The list of goods who did not get any proposal from any bidder is shown on the bottom-right corner of the window as Unlucky Goods.

8- Total value of all goods sold on this sale is shown as well as total number of goods sold and total number of bidders who got some goods on the Results page.

Thanks using the software.

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